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IDEO Digital Shop is looking for an outstanding engineering intern with a background in Electrical Engineering to design, engineer and build novel hardware/software products and services. The ideal candidate loves to work in teams yet is an independent self-starter; is a perfectionist at heart but also subscribes to the rapid prototyping methodology; a person who deeply understands the “big picture” yet has the capability to handle the smallest design details. We are looking for an intern to join our Digital Shop team to help support a range of client and entrepreneurial projects. The internship is based in our Palo Alto Location and happen during the summer months.Candidates will join the Digital Shop, a product and R&D group within IDEO made of designers, developers and engineers. Candidates will have a chance to hone their skills in electrical engineering and software by pairing with software developers, mechanical engineers and designers to help rapidly prototype concepts ranging from hardware and software experiences in transportation to concepts for the connected home. As well as supporting client work in a quick and rapid approach, candidates will help to prototype new digital tools and entrepreneurial ideas designed by IDEO and the Digital Shop team. The prototypes and products created will have varying levels of resolution with the intent to use an iterative, human-centered approach to rapidly gain feedback from users on concepts. We are looking for individuals with an entrepreneurial spirit combined with a strong desire to bring ideas to life.
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