Invent We come up with novel ideas for how new hardware technologies can improve the user experience. You should have a passion for building new things and running with ideas. Design You should have a proficiency in illustration, an understanding of user interface principles, a sensitivity to typography and color, a general awareness of materials textures, and a practical grasp of physics and animation. Prototype We build working, interactive prototypes to test, explain, and explore ideas.

Our process includes sketching, pixelperfect mockups, animations, code, electronics, and models. You should be able to explore ideas at many different levels of fidelity, and be interested in making interactive prototypes. Collaborate We work with people all over Apple: UI designers, industrial designers, engineers, marketing, and executives. You should be comfortable working in a studio environment and participating in individual and group critiques. Present A big part of what we do is demonstrate our prototypes and explain our designs. You should be comfortable speaking to your work in front of small and large groups.