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Role Summary

As an Industrial Design Intern at IDEO Chicago, you’ll have the opportunity to create human-centered designs and experiences that have positive impact in the world. Working across disciplines and on diverse projects, you’ll be given a lot of autonomy and have the ability to lead your team’s industrial design point of view.

Once you’re here, you’ll... Work on a range of projects, such as: · Projects that combine innovative new foods, packaging, and brands. · Smart device systems that holistically bridge the physical and digital world. · Brand projects where you’ll help define and visualize the signature elements that will differentiate the brand and communicate its value proposition. · Space experiences where you are physically differentiating product offers or service touch points in a retail setting. Collaborate with people from different backgrounds such as interaction designers, mechanical engineers, business designers, space designers, and design researchers. Become part of a culture that lets you both learn and teach while working with people outside of your immediate area of expertise. Be challenged to think more holistically. Take fun quite seriously, from after-work wine-tastings to roof-deck yoga classes.

Work that others in this role have accomplished: · Node Chair A reconfigurable, mobile swivel chair designed for today’s high-density classrooms, the Node was created in collaboration with Steelcase as part of their effort to bring campus classrooms up to speed with current teaching and learning styles. · Bayer Contour Meter The first interactive blood-glucose meter, the Bayer Coutour plugs directly into a computer, automatically launching diabetes-management software to provide instant access to a patient’s blood-sugar data.
· Designs On An IDEO-only global design charrette meant to advance creative discussion through provocative concepts and experiments.

What you’ve got: • Can gather research data and translate it into powerful, concise design solutions • Can prototype in 3 dimensions and not be afraid of getting your hands dirty in doing so

 • Have deep understanding and appreciation for aesthetics, and can articulate your artistic vision clearly and concisely

 • You can adapt your style to suit the clients’ needs

By the way, this is a 3-6 month internship. You must still be enrolled in a degree program to qualify.

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