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IDEO is looking for outstanding software engineers and developers who have a passion for design and a “build to think” mentality. The ideal candidate loves to work in teams yet is an independent self-starter; is a perfectionist at heart but also subscribes to the rapid prototyping methodology; a person who deeply understands the “big picture” yet has the capability to handle the smallest technical detail. We are looking for developers to join our digital shop team to help support a range of client and entrepreneurial projects. This position is based in our Bay Area office, sharing time between our Palo Alto and San Francisco locations.


Candidates will join our Digital Shop group, a fast paced, build-first prototyping team. You will join a multi-disciplinary, technology agnostic team of engineers and developers who are focused on providing IDEO project teams with leading edge technology and development expertise. In this position, you will work in pairs with both designers and developers to bring a variety of concepts and products to life from mobile to web apps and hardware/software prototypes. You will be expected to provide technical expertise to IDEO design teams and look for ways to quickly bring concepts from paper to working prototype. Along with supporting IDEO’s client work, you will be encouraged to try out new technologies and languages through applied hacks in order to expand the Digital Shop’s cutting edge capabilities. Finally, you will be asked to help in building new tools and products that will help both IDEO, its clients and ultimately a larger market be better designers, developers and engineers.

Ability to create quick software prototypes to test usability and feasibility and allow for rapid evolution of ideas

B.S. in Computer Science or similar field; or equivalent work experience

Ability to learn new tools and languages quickly and do self-guided work

Excellent communication and collaboration skills

Demonstrated interest in learning new techniques through applied building


Demonstrated Skills in one or more of the following areas (Please highlight area of strength. We are looking for candidates within all these areas, so no one candidate needs to fulfill each area. Demonstrated depth in one or a more generalist breadth are both interesting to us)


Experience with iOS and/or android development

Ability to prototype for mobile quickly utilizing appropriate frameworks (Phone Gap, Cinder, openFrameworks, etc)

Understanding of mobile back-end and scaling

Data Visualization

Experience developing with large data sets and accompanying databases

Demonstrated interest in building data visualization experiences

Understanding of large data set algorithms and back-end needs

Full Stack Generalist

Creative programmatic problem solving using libraries, frameworks, and algorithms as needed

Experience building architectures and back-ends for scaling

Flexibility to work with a variety of different technologies

Embedded Hardware

Strong demonstrated abilities with Arduino or similar hardware platform

Understanding of physical computing (e.g. openFrameworks, Processing, Max/MSP)

General understanding of electronics & circuits


The Online Application Process: Please submit your cover letter, resume, portfolio and/or additional materials as a “Resume Attachment” in the resume attachment section which is located in the Career Center of your application page. Attachments must be formatted as an Adobe "text based" PDF, PowerPoint, or Word document. If you skip the cover letter section at the start of the application form, please attach your cover letter as a resume attachment per the instructions above. Create a profile at to explore how we work and for us to get to you know you better. You'll find a space in the IDEO application form to enter your OpenIDEO username. Additional tips can be found in our Careers FAQ.

Equal Opportunity Employer: IDEO is an equal opportunity employer; applicants are considered for all roles without regard to race, color, religious creed, sex, national origin, citizenship status, age, physical or mental disability, sexual orientation, marital, parental, veteran or military status, unfavorable military discharge, or any other status protected by applicable federal, state or local law. -- *\ *