At the end of the day all I care about and value is the experience I have when using a product and am very protective of things added to my life to ensure they only help enrich activities in life with possibility and freedom. Being able to know what your buying takes more than what Apple allows on their digital shelf. The well choreographed and behavioral centered experience described prior to commitment gets lost in the design details that are only noticed after opening the app up for yourself. It seems far too often the apps that seem like a perfect solution at first glance of the screen shots and description The product's pages static presentation make it impossible to mention the missing pieces in their design that will cause for the app to be used only a few times before they make the switch back to how they did things before. Without being able to evaluate first hand the value of a product's functionality and experience its difficult to commit on marketing copy alone. Ive noticed the trend in the app store seem to be overcoming this in several apps by publishing the app for free to get started with in app purchases available to commit further and gain full access to its feature set. I imagine this is as close to a trial as the app store allows but works pretty well to try out the apps usability and personal value quickly, easily and in the moment so I can get my feet wet easily and make the decision to jump all the way in without much friction. Anyways, thanks for your response and wish you the best in the iBeacon endeavor. Tyler