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Design Researcher at IDEO NYC

 in New York, NY

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Job description

Design Researcher


IDEO New York is looking for a Design Researcher who can lead the qualitative research portion of a design project, discern insights, and use these findings to drive design, brand, and strategic decisions.

Our ideal candidate has a minimum of 5 years of experience in research or a related field. The core skills and abilities we’re looking for are:

  • Empathy and passion for people
  • User research/fieldwork experience
  • Facility with developing deep insights for design
  • Captivating communication and storytelling
  • Collaboration and consultmanship
  • Comfort with ambiguity
  • Flexible and efficient

We are open to people with a range of backgrounds, not exclusively those from the world of research. We’re particularly interested in people who bring a different perspective to our work but who have some understanding of and empathy for the design process. We want someone who is curious, inspired, and inspiring, who brings energy and enthusiasm to the process and the team.

Please submit, in addition to your resume, at least one example of your work. Please do not upload text only versions of your work. It is helpful to see how you communicate with design teams. For example, please send:

A portfolio

A description of a project in which you had the chance to develop your field-based discoveries to the point of design outcomes or actionable design principles.

In addition, please tell us about one thing that’s inspiring to you right now, and why. What does it say about the way culture, technology, or people are changing? 

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