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Using Fontdeck with Squarespace

Fontdeck works well with Squarespace, although the steps to set things up are slightly complex.

Sign in to your account Click 'Website Management' then 'Website Settings' Choose 'Code Injection' Under 'Extra Header Code' paste your code from Fontdeck Click 'Update Information' Return to your site by clicking the back arrow Click on the paintbrush (Appearance Editor) Click 'Custom CSS' If asked, click 'Copy Style' Paste your Fontdeck CSS at the bottom of this file You will need to change the CSS selectors to match your site's theme. For example, on the default theme the following CSS selectors will apply a font to every heading:

h1 a:visited, h1 a:link, h1 a:active, .h1subtitle, h2, .h2subtitle, h3, .h3, .h3subtitle { ... } If you still have questions about using Fontdeck with Squarespace, please let us know.