About Bump is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit design studio dedicated to embracing tough challenges.

Mission We strive to make the world a better place through a tiny bit of creativity and a lot of hard work. Combining our engineering and design skills with the site-specific knowledge of our partners abroad, we design, develop, andmanufacture products that give nonprofits the capacity to serve their constituents more effectively.

Our first product is the OpenSocket. We consider it to be the world's most accessible prosthetic arm.

Start We formed a group in 2008 and incorporated as a nonprofit organization in the summer of 2010.

The original founders included Jon Naber, Adam Booher, Ehsan Noursalehi, Hari Vigneswaran, Luke Jungles, & Richard Kesler.

Name "We are now tipping into an equally coherent world where change begets and accelerates change. When one system changes, it bumps all those around it, and then they bump all those around them. Value in this world comes not from providing the same thing over and over to a client, but from managing kaleidoscopic change processes that are busily bumping one another."

Bill Drayton

Ashoka, Founder

Our vision is to provide a positive bump to organizations around the world through simple & innovative products. Watch the product testimonial above to see how our organization has been giving Wuqu' Kawoq a bump and growing its capacity for care.


Adam Booher

President & Maker

Ehsan Noursalehi

Vice President & Designer

Jon Naber

Field Director & Visionary

Sudeep Gowrishankar

Field Director & Engineer

Ellen Walkington

Development & Fundraiser

Dylan Borrenpohl

Production Engineer

Contributors A mixture of past and current volunteers that have contributed countless hours to our mission


We were formerly known as IPT or Illini Prosthetic Technologies.

Board of Directors

Bill Taylor, upper-extremity amputee with extensive humanitarian activism

David Rotter, renowned prosthetist specializing in upper-extremity cases

Robert Coverdill, Interim Dir of Advancement at UIUC Mech Science and Engineering

Dennis Beard, CPA and well respected member of the business communities of Central IL

Thomas Frankie, PhD candidate in the UIUC department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Financial Accountability We strive to responsibly manage the generous financial support we receive.

We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit registered as Illini Prosthetics, NFP

IRS Tax Exemption (501(c)(3) Letter

2010 Financials

2010 Income & Expense Statement

2011 Financials

2011 Income & Expense Statement

2011 IRS 990EZ Form

2012 Financials

2012 Income & Expense Statement High Standards

We hold ourselves to a high standard in all of our work. Whether it be producing and fitting OpenSockets, working with our staff members, or accounting for donations, we are always seeking to do our best. If you have questions about the way our organization works, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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