A Little About You


The more I know about you, the better I can support you to achieve your goals.  Please answer the following questions. There are no right or wrong answers. Your answers will help us set a strong foundation for our work together.  Please be assured that all information in our coaching will be held in the utmost confidence. 



1.  What would you like to get from this career coaching process?

  • Clarity, direction, support for the best methods for finding and getting in the front door to the places I would like to find myself at. 
  • How to find opportunities when I don't necessarily know anyone there. 
  • How to market myself best for what I am good at and what I'm not particularly good at (pure work horse production)
  • how and when to act on opportunities
  • particularities to working in NY, how to establish and keep the whole new job process going
  • how my next steps might not be a single, full time job like Ive had

2. What challenges (personal, skills, fears, mindset, lack of motivation, family commitments, financial responsibilities) do you think/fear might slow or hold back your successful career transition?

      • commitments, financial responsibilities) do you think/fear might slow or hold back your successful career transition?
      • need for ivy level degree to connect with those i am drawn to work with
      • fear that a place like IDEO isnt as great as they advertise
      • fear my constant exploring is
      • I'm usually relatively young relative to those that might have worked a little while longer and returned to school before making a transition- how to best manage expectations on both ends of my capability


      3.  How long have you been considering a your transition?

      • 2 years, side projects outside of work, fellowship proposal, visiting of schools 
      • although a departure from traditional architectural studio, hope is to take alternative path that will allow me to lead a new future of architecture later in life

      4.  What are your reasons for starting career coaching now?


      • Want to optimize my potential into a good fitting position. 
      • strategic in where i focus my time and energy 
      • help with personal brand management with regard to being laid off
      • guidance on how to interpret future positions correctly so that I can possibly search a larger field of options for employment yet avoid finding myself in a position I do not enjoy
      • guidance to help position myself for skill and experience building in environments that might not be the traditional ladder approach but will collectivity provides a portfolio of work and experience of considerable value
      •  - sort of the mashup approach/ moments of experience to form a web?
      • How to liaison my experience and my capabilities with next experience? and how to continue to do so in the future if needed?


      5.  What time frame do you have in mind to land a new position?


      • Sooner the better, 1-2 months would be great. 
      • need to figure out the limits of what is realistically possible so i can set a goal and go after it


      6.  What really motivates you?  How do you motivate yourself?  What is the one thing that never fails to get you to take action?


      • New innovation, research, discover, design process, synthesis of disciplines, improving the lives of others through design. 
      • Emergent systems, startup culture, pragmatic over routine
      • Creative problem solver, view things differently than most, very concerned/ interested in how people perceive and experience situations and life
      • Very interested in being engaged with bridging the gap between unrealized needs and formation into a recognizable solution
      • How people interface with their world , digitally and physically
      • Area of development that bridges between digital and physical
      • - Internet of things, making solutions, DIY type of hacking what exists
      • Often See the world with lots of opportunity
      • How to capitalize on this
      • Thinker/ doer
      • Enjoy learning new things, enjoy teaching
      • Leader, not as good at following without understanding with depth. 
      • T shaped, type A, divergent thinking, creative problem solver. 
      • Internally motivated, passionate
      • always motivated to help others by figuring it out, or setting up something that facilitates their success, 


      7.  Is there anything else you’d like me to know that could help me best support your success?

      • ADHD - not usually a problem, but took all I could with previous job to stick to single mundane tasks somedays
        • need something that leverages skills and energy I have for life for an assets instead of something suppressed 
      • strategic path to follow with defined objectives to focus on achieving
      • positive reinforcement, examples why / why not to go in a certain direction


      x. other notes
      • project based work is desired
      • enjoy collaboration/ idea building
      • tackle really tough problems
      • enjoy challenging yet growth possible
      • need more than a desk and a screen
      • full range of opportunity
      • smaller company, more variety of work
      • local ,want to see, meet people 


      • quantify life/ behavior analysis/ modification 
      • realtime feedback loops
      • internet of things

      jobs - methods for making money to live

      • lessons in things Im good at - grasshopper?
      • Growth hacking
      • t-shaped thinker/ designer/ problem solver
      • NGO fought for paying the bills?
      • flextime/ side projects outside of single focused job 
      •      - not willing to kill everything I love to realize only single career, life and ultimate realization of my own firm are priorities
      • career as life journey with several explorations
      • future synthesis into having company of my own with Emily

      jobs - companies/ types of positions I'm drawn to

      • established firms
        • design solution services/ opened ended creation/ work for clients
          • IDEO
          • Method
          • Frog
          • SmartDesign, et others
        • design firm - architecture based - known for original thinking / problem solving
          • OMA/ Rex
      • any type of company within design field?
        • technologist / lab role within a design studio
        • design research lab
      • analysis consultant?
        • CASE - services for architectural firms to help leverage computers into simplified workflow/ tackling large problems
        • environmental analysis - allow to continue sensing type project work at more professional scale
      • grant funded/ university linked type of research/development work?
      • startup firm (or start my own at some point?) focused on;
        • consumer goods based on "internet of things" theme - 
          • id play the designer/ user interface/ experience design role
          • littleBits could fit in this section
        • service/ goods company focused on analysis/ quantification of life/ behavior modification through understanding
        • potentially others?
      • consultant type service as a Growth Hacker
      • other themes
        • physical computing
        • ambiant communication devices
        • user centric market
        • bridging digital / physical environments
        • technologist
        • creative thinker


      research / interests

      • a return to school needed?
      • leading towards larger idea of ubiquitous computing/ ambient communication/ information systems
      • school options
        • columbia - gsapp advanced studios in architecture - eventually lead a studio someday
        • nyu itp - interactive media - if I find out that this is required - 
        • mit - media lab - always a desire, recently re-intreated - fund research - start company based on research
        • Harvard - design school - brome more integrated into soil / service / solution design
        • Stanford - design school - job with Ideo
        • architectural association - london, all the established architects I follow touched the school at some point during initial development