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Does your world help you do?
We value our iPhones in the power to help us connect and the richness of experiences possible in our hands.

What's the use of physical things when there is app that allows me to do all the same?

There was a time when our spaces could hold their own vs the old telephone. I don't dwell on the past but propel to a future where the weight of a phone doesn't compare to the weight of a room.

Working at sphero

Working at sphero


Orbotix Turns Three and Adds to the Roster


 Orbotix has come a long way in the past three years. Initially, we started with an idea to build a robotic ball you could control with your smartphone. Fast forward to this holiday season, and we’re entering a new era for our business. Everything, including the ball, has evolved.

Most importantly, we have fans now – lots of them. Over 4x more Spheros are activated everyday than this time last year, and 70,000 miles and counting have been driven by Sphero owners around the world. Over 25 apps are available for Sphero 2.0 on two separate platforms, and we support 14 different developer environments. We’ve even launched an education program for kids in schools around the nation. Lastly, our most recent videos will reach a combined 1 million views by the end of the year.

In the past 12 months, we’ve doubled our retail locations for Sphero, worldwide. Sphero can now be found in over 70 countries, up from fewer than 10 last year. Most recently, Sphero 2.0 has been accepted into all Verizon Wireless Stores and is the only app-enabled toy and gaming device in all global Apple retail stores and online. Thanks to these efforts to expand, our revenue growth is projected at over 100% for 2013. To support Sphero 2.0’s new global reach, we’ve added support for six different languages in our most popular apps. Sphero 2.0 recently won Innovation of the Year by iLounge, and Orbotix made Outside Magazine’s list of Best Places to Work 2013. Oh, and we’re moving into an office space 3x the size of our current one.

Based in Boulder, Colorado, we did it all with a small team. And we’re just getting warmed up. We want to become the 21st century toy company, and in order to do that, we need your help. Orbotix is looking to significantly expand in 2014, and we want talented kids-at-heart to join our team.

Our goal is to expand Sphero from a single robot into a family of robots, each with a clever form factor and a multidimensional mode of play. And every robot will be fully programmable. When we build our next one, it will blow you away with its capabilities. If you want to work for a company that is changing what toys should be and you are super passionate about play, reach out to us. You might just become a baller.