So nest came out the new version of their product today and it was interesting to see the direction they took with it. I’d say it softens the modernism that most people think is cold sterile and and unfriendly to them. If the display is as capable of showing all the information details the current one does I too am convinced of preferring it over the previous one. But for me it seems to automatically cause me to recognize the previous design has become outdated and now feels as techie shiny and trying hard to let everyone be aware of it as something different when recognized on the wall.

Modern design has such a difficult time breaking through to most because of just how much had design has relied on the notion of modern to explain their decisions made while designing for someone that doesn’t exist and ultimately is a failure because of they were ignorant or just oblivious to those how will be using it and how it will be used.

Today something a bit softer, fuzzier and more approachable and feels better. to help further integrate technology into our lives.

Nest’s refined design introduced today answers the need for the physical component of their product to be warmer and feel more subtle feels like a good fit for its place within our homes. These aesthetics will continue to become the norm rather than the exception.

Nest’s design direction is an example the direction design of consumer goods will be headed en masse and gaining momentum as next forefront in this huge product field. I’d be curious to know how people like my brother and your parents might feel about the new design without prompting all about my observation above.

Youve probably stopped reading this by now. But they did lower the price quite a bit and now it’s only $169 compared to the previous price of $250 it was yesterday and the $400 I paid for my parents to have one immediately when it first came out and could only be found on eBay.

If you did sell it to them I think the video in the link is all that they would need to watch it’s very clever and very convincing.

It also says that it out over this period of time that all these nest thermostats been out there that they can prove that using the thermostat Save‘s customers something like 15% in heating and cooling costs which at this as a house that your parents have seems like it would be a significant savings and pay for itself so quickly it would almost be hard to honestly find a reason not to switch to an intelligent thermostat.