Methods of Assembly is a research initiative that is focused on how modern society, digital culture and the physical environment are put to use to provide a single, total experience that is more connected to individuals in personally adaptable ways that provide not just a blank slate, but perceptible opportunity in which engagement and contribution can occur directly through the process of making and sharing. This initiative studies multiple levels, through different mediums, ranging across disciplines in an attempt to study, document and synthesis the methods that give way to assembly which become solution, and often packaged products.  Like the skin of an onion, there are many layers to peel away before reaching the middle but it is important to include each layer in the study because the layers are what represent the core, as the core is nothing and practically invisible without the layers that make up what we know to be an onion.

Entries will consist at the beginning by explaining the foundation of my exploration that has led me to an investigation through Methods of Assembly.  Entries will precedingly frame what exactly is going to be studied and discussed and will be accompanied by examples from methods of assembly that are already taking place within our society.

In many ways, what is sought after already takes place online, disconnected from the physical environment because modern societies' digital reality is largely incompatible with a physically static reality of the “real world.”  I am driven to investigate assembly as a way to connect my education as an architect and my understanding of design with the needs of our modern society and spaces that are a true reflection of today’s digital, metaphysical, physical reality giving place-making a connected culture for the future.

It is my goal, through the Research of Methods of assembly to better understand how an individual’s desire to make and contribute can become integrated into the process of designing solutions so end products are ultimately being controlled and adapted to the individual. Design becomes a project of representing and communicating opportunity that initiates action and again, during the process of making, becomes the underlying support system for guidance and direction.