SideBar: The purpose of this website is to provide an overview of me as a professional designer. The content fuses my values and how they have been expressed in projects I have been a part of. It is also explain my past experience and the value it provides going forward into future endeavors.

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Tyler Selby

New York, NY

My thoughts center on creating spaces and tools that facilitate the success in others.  This drives my purpose as a designer.

With a masters degree in architecture, I am rooted in the profession of creating great spaces for people.  For the past two years, I've worked in professional design studios, creating commercial architecture throughout the world.  The scale was enormous and the pace was fast.  Working in architecture has allowed me to realize that I am drawn more to directly connected experiences of working with people on an intimate scale.

My interests extend beyond buildings and reach into a much broader spectrum of ways that people can be helped through design solutions.

I believe that only designing for one half of our lives results in solutions that are disconnected from the people who use them.

I think a great amount of potential lies when our digital and physical realities work together to create a single solution that exists in both realms.

So in order to create sufficient solutions, I seek opportunities to work within both digital and physical mediums.  I hope to find myself among those working to solve these complex problems now and in the future.

Special interests include responsive systems, interactive environments, interconnected systems, human factors and strategic planning processes. (word cloud)

I believe that I am equipped to lead in this fusion of digital and physical as it becomes fully integrated into a singular experience.


Design Ethos

To learn more about me, I've organized my thoughts and what I've done into four components that I believe are essential to design.


Components of Design

  • My Thoughts
  • The things we create for them.
  • What I've Done
  • The value that is created.
  • My Future
  • The process that we go through.
  • Me
  • The people.



People are central to the design process and are used to measure the value of a design solution.

I believe design is best when people are central to the design process.  Creating spaces and tools that facilitate success in others drives my purpose for design.  


Experiences make connections to people and use our world as a sandbox for creating together.

I believe design is a dialogue between us and our world.  It engages empathetically with what's existing to solve problems and create rich experiences.  (Assist in achievement when its something others can't do on their own.)


Designing Value

The value of design is its ability to synthesize function into the experience.

I believe the value of design is found when a product meets more than just its functional requirements.  Products become valuable when they provide an affordance for a wide range of possible uses and users.  Create rich experience that infuse solutions which adapts to their lives instead of requiring people to adapt their lives to it.


Design is a Process

The design process is agile to adapt to ever changing conditions and strategic to realize the initial goals.

A strong design process isn't found in its rigidness or formalism, but in its confidence to ultimately achieve a well designed solution.  A strong design process isn't found in its strength, but in its confidence that it will ultimately achieve a well designed solution.  It guarantees an answer. 

```-Lille Houses


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