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I am a creative problem solver rooted in a strong design process, investigating experiences to help people and create the future.

I am a creative problem solver rooted in a strong design process, investigating experiences to help people and create the future.

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I am a forward thinking designer.  For the past three years, I have practiced in architectural design studios with projects located world wide.  I am a process based, problem seeking, people centered problem solver and design computation expert.  The majority of my experience has been in the design of buildings although my passion lies in design that more directly impacts the lives of others.  Independent of my professional life, I enjoy opportunities to design interactive systems:  including a health portal for NYeC competition entry and a DIY intelligent temperature control system.

Before working professionally in Architecture, I completed my Masters in Architecture at the University of Kansas. I spent summers,working with kids and helping them discover their world and themselves while teaching for Duke University's Talent Identification Program and developing my own business helping kids learn how to swim.

- this is the same as the block above? Being creative is about creating something new, but how do you know if the things you are creating have any value?  I am a functional problem solver and have to find reason for creating because without reason it is disposable and isn't enough to last a lifetime.  I completely engage myself in the things that I tackle. The satisfaction of doing something isn't enough.  It's important to me to remain connected to purpose.  If creativity goes too far I'm an artist,  If purpose goes too far, I'm an engineer.  There needs to be a balance of the two to make something more than it is.


I am a whole brain thinker, Meaning, I draw from and find areas of talent from an even mixture of abilities typically associated with either the left or right side of the brain.



Being a divergent thinker that sees opportunities in the world in all parts of life and actively engages in understanding the world.


The process of making intentional decisions that collectively serves a purposeful outcome.



A personal agenda of the things I work on to help people.


Taking my natural talents, my core values and my internal motivations and giving them the structure, the rigor and a process to become something I can count on and be valued for doing.

I am a professional designer however I could best be described as a CREATIVE PROFESSIONAL  and PURPOSEFUL DESIGNER.

It takes two parts to equal a whole.  Neither can really exist on its own, each provides support and compliments the other, allowing for outcomes that not only solve problems in smart ways but through the process, creates something MORE.

Creative Professional

Through my education and my work experience, I have been able to use my creative thinking as one of my greatest professional strengths.  Design school gave me a rigorous process to harness the creativity and focus it towards the right objectives and correct priorities.  Paired with critical reasoning, I can reach creative solutions that solves the problem while navigating my way through roadblocks and follow through to completion. 

Purposeful Designer

I strive to understand my world beyond surface level.  I question why things are the way they are and how they work.  I have a genuine curiosity for understanding systems and relationships between things. I find my purpose when I am able to practice design to create solutions that help people.